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Liberace & Liza: A Tribute

Liberace & Liza Minnelli never performed together, but that didn’t stop David Saffert & Jillian Snow from creating this wildly successful mashup of two over-the-top icons. Saffert’s dizzying piano skills and Snow’s powerhouse belt team up in Cabaret, New York, New York, Over the Rainbow, The Man That Got Away plus surprise covers by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. There are as many laughs as there are sequins when their Liberace & Liza take hilarious (and sometimes mischievous) turns vying for the spotlight.

“The show celebrated the immense talent and quirky personas of Liberace and Liza while playing upon an imaginary friendship between the two. Saffert and Harris, who’ve performed together for years, played their Liberace and Liza beautifully off one another”
-San Francisco Chronicle

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